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We are specialists, focused exclusively on the financial services industry and have developed deep expertise and broad networks across Community Banks, Mid-Sized Banks, and Super Regional & Global Institutions. This expertise, combined with our direct banking leadership experience, gives us valuable insights into positions and organizations, resulting in candidates that are of exceptional fit for the opportunity. 

We are vertically aligned, filling key roles from the Board and "C" suite level to senior and middle management professionals.  We've recruited outstanding leaders and built high performing teams around them.

  • Board of Directors 

  • Chief Executive Officer

  • President 

  • Chief Operating Officer 

  • Chief Risk Officer 

  • Chief Credit Officer 

  • Chief Compliance Officer 

  • Chief Audit Officer

  • Chief Technology Officer 

  • Chief Information Officer 

  • Chief Information Security Officer

  • Chief Data Officer

  • Chief Digital Officer

  • Chief Human Resources Officer



  • Commercial / C&I / CRE

  • Corporate & Investment Banking 

  • Capital Markets 

  • Specialty Lending 

  • Treasury Management / Payments

  • Consumer / Card / Mortgage

  • Wealth Management 

  • Private Banking

  • Trust / Investment Management 

  • Finance 

  • Investor Relations

  • Treasury 

  • Technology

  • Operations

  • Product Management

  • Data



  • Enterprise 

  • Credit 

  • Market

  • Liquidity

  • Stress Testing  

  • Model

  • Operational 

  • Governance 

  • Audit

  • Compliance 


  • Fair & Responsible Banking

  • Credit Risk Review 


JM Park & Company is client focused first and foremost.  We understand that each role and company are unique, therefore every search we undertake is carefully crafted to meet our client's needs. 
Searches are conducted from start to finish by the principals in the firm, and we do not rely on junior associates or offshore 3rd party recruiting resources. 
As a smaller firm we are unencumbered by the numerous client conflicts of the large firms and the "candidate blockage" this creates.  This means we have the broadest candidate pools for the benefit of our clients, and each candidate is sourced, screened, vetted, and presented exclusively to the client who has engaged us.


We spend the time to get to know you well.  We ask a lot of questions to gain a thorough understanding of your company strategies and objectives, corporate culture, and the priorities and requirements of the role itself, including the skills, experience and leadership qualities required for success.  Based on our experience, we have the ability to provide valuable insights and advice. We believe in effective and frequent communication with our clients, engaging in all aspects of the hiring process.
We know you have a choice, and we’re honored to represent you in the employment marketplace.  We become an advocate for the company, helping you build your brand and striving to maintain/enhance your reputation. Every candidate interaction is a reflection of your organization and we take that seriously.


JM Park & Company delivers.  Our interest is in developing long-term strategic partnerships, not just a transaction.  We have a passion for getting things done quickly, but never at the expense of being thorough.  We are tenacious because we know that your success is our success.  

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